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Juuso Uotila

Project Manager, Energy engineering M.Sc.

Juuso Uotila

My work is interesting problem-solving work

I worked as an energy planner at Hepacon's HVAC department. My work days are mostly spent on simulations, calculations, searching for information and reporting. Energy and life cycle planning is nowadays an essential part of building engineering design and therefore, at the same time, there are several projects on the desktop. My job is interesting problem-solving work and my goal is to develop as best energy expert as possible.

I graduated from Aalto University to M.Sc. (Eng.) in December 2015 as an energy and bioproduct industry engineer. I broke into building engineering technology partly because of my brother (hinted at the possibility of applying for jobs to Hepacon) and through my personal interest. I am in my spare time developed, among other things, the photovoltaic simulator, which can be used to evaluate the power generation of solar panels as part of the demand for electricity in buildings.

In addition to interesting work, it is important for me to have a good working atmosphere and nice colleagues. Pause for the day, with your colleagues, enjoy a luncheon somewhere in Malmi's many lunch restaurants and at the end of a week a pizza lunch on Fridays.

My birthplace, Rovaniemi, has been transformed into Malminkartano over the years, where I live with my girlfriend and my dog. Leisure time also includes a visit to the gym, as well as a surprise, surprise, technology tracking and utilization.