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Marko Taberman

Design manager, Electrical engineering

Marko Taberman

Career in the company has been good.

I have always been interested in electrical engineering. After leaving primary school, I went to a vocational school (electrician's study line), which after the first year I applied and got to study to Helsinki Technical College for the Electric Power Engineering study line.

After graduation, I was working for a few years at a small electrical engineering office where I changed to Hepacon in the spring of 1998. I wanted to switch to a larger office with the opportunity to participate in bigger and more challenging projects and thus develop my skills. The location of the office along the good connections to Malmi also affected my decision.

Career in the company has been good. I went to Hepacon for a younger designer, little by little, through my own independent projects to become a project manager. In 2014, however, I was able to move to the role of a design manager in another company, but I soon returned, as Hepacon also offered the opportunity to play a similar role. Of course, the motivations were also a good team spirit, a motivating working atmosphere and an organization where the threshold between management and employees is low.

My typical work week includes 2 to 5 workshops and a few site visits, as well as day-to-day internal planning sessions with project team engineers and other planners. In recent years, personal design has been rather limited, as there is not enough time left for it. Most of the time goes to the guiding to plan and the checking of another plans drawn up by others.

In my work, I'm most motivated by projects that can make technically high-quality and long-lasting solutions and where they will / have to challenge themselves too. Hepacon's long-standing customer relationships and versatile projects provide good opportunities. I also hope that in my present role I can move my skills to younger designers and I can help them develop as planners and advance in their career with Hepacon.