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Max Tallberg

Design engineer, HVAC

Max Tallberg

The engineering sector has always been interested.

I am a native of Helsinki and studied HVAC design Arcada University of Applied Sciences. The design sector has always been interested, the labor market in the industry is good and the wage level is competitive with many other industries.

Hepacon I realized I could apply for training in the summer of 2014 after receiving a note from my then close commercial colleague. I started my work placement two weeks after a job interview. At the end of the internship I got to continue part-time as the studies continue to take place. After graduation, in summer 2017, I continued as a regular employee.

My assignments are versatile and full of challenges. I appreciate that I can do creative work and design is just that. Each project is unique and to reach a good end result, we must weigh the variety of choices and choose the ones that best meet the needs. In addition to HVAC Design I seek a strong expertise in the energy side and in the future I achieve energy expert qualifications.

It is important for me that Hepacon has a good spirit and a supportive atmosphere, so I can get guidance from the job irrespective of their function. Also the staff benefits are more than yeah!

I live with my partner in the center of Helsinki. Nearby, I find my band training camp, the legendary Nosturi, where I spend most of my free time playing guitar. Gigs are drawn whenever possible.