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Systems for Smoke Exhaustion and Fire Extinction

Fire extinction systems are closely designed with our HVAC experts.

Minimizing fire and safety risks

In case of fire, personal injuries and material damages can be minimized with functioning extinction systems that keep exits clear from smoke. This eases fire extinguishing and rescue work, and decreases fire damage in the property.

Technical systems

Mechanical and natural smoke extraction systems along with automatic fire suppression system are fire venting installations. Sprinkler systems and different gas-based extinguishing systems are the most commonly used fire extinguishing systems. When designing technical installation for exceptional circumstances, Hepacon has a wide network of associates to turn to, if necessary.

Teamwork over organizational borders

Designing technical systems is a special field, and there is no room for compromise. Our designers have a broad knowledge of designing fire venting installations and monitoring the realizations. Their extensive experience covers extinguishing solutions for all applications: apartments and housing facilities, storage and production areas, and office buildings.