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Refrigerating Engineering

We offer high-quality design, monitoring, and expertize in refrigerating engineering. True experts in this field are hard to find.

Experienced specialists

Special expertize is always required when designing refrigeration engineering for industrial production and storage areas. Hepacon is one of the few engineering companies in Finland to design ammonia refrigerating plants. We have designed numerous direct and indirect systems for industrial use in the fields of refrigerating and HVAC engineering.

Refrigerating systems for different facilities

Expertize in refrigeration engineering is needed in various different projects. The individual needs of facilities are always taken into account in the design process. In addition to industrial production facilities, we design refrigerating systems for office spaces, commercial real estates, and ice halls.

Significant savings

Energy efficiency is one of the most important goals in refrigeration engineering. One of the aims of energy efficient facilities is to recover heat from the refrigerating plant to different applications. Energy efficient solutions in refrigerating plants mean significant savings.