Fazer Group

Since the establishment of Hepacon, we have been involved in the HVAC, building automation, electrical and refrigeration system design and implementation of Fazer's chocolate, confectionery, biscuit and bakery manufacturing plants.

Chocolate manufacturing process requires a lot of cooling and electrical energy. Safe and efficient building services systems are vital for operation.

Over the years, most of the HVAC, automation, electricity and refrigeration systems at Vantaa Vaarala plant have been refurbished. The cooling system has shifted to the central cooling system and to the energy-efficient NH3 refrigerant, with a refrigeration capacity of several megawatts. Tens of separate units have been replaced by a few compressor units, which also significantly reduced service levels. A major innovation is also the connection of free cooling to the aforementioned central cooling network. Innovative planning enabled considerable energy savings.

Fazer's electricity distribution has been refurbished and expanded over the years. Fazer's Vantaa plant area has 13 units of 20 kV transformation stations, most of which are electrically-engineered for renovation and renovation by Hepacon. Over the years, Hepacon has largely been responsible for the design and execution of other electrical and telecommunications systems in the factory area.

Numerous projects have been carried out over the years in the Fazer factory area, where Hepacon has been planning and controlling the share of building automation. Projects have varied from demanding office space building automation to automation of systems that indirectly link to production processes.

Over the years, Hepacon has also been involved in the design of the other Fazer plant areas in building service systems.

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