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Building Automation Design

We have skilled experts for building automation designing.

Smart and modern

Intelligent building automation is here. Today only private homes are built without utilizing building automation technology, and that is changing, too. Our building automation design experts can create optimized circumstances with optimized expenses. The life cycle expenses of a property can be decreased by over fifty percent with building automation. Choosing great designers is worthwhile.

Area monitoring system

With right automation and data transfer solutions, a large number of buildings can be integrated under the same monitoring system. A wide choice of different building control disciplines, such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lights and blinds, and safety features can be integrated in the monitoring system. Hepacon has designed and kept track of the development of area monitoring systems for nearly thirty years.

Special indoor climate quality requirements

The indoor climate quality requirements in spaces such as museums, cleanrooms, and food and pharmaceutical industry facilities are exceptionally demanding. It is crucial that the environment conditions remain stable during all the four seasons and regardless of the load. Professionally designed building automation system is central in maintaining stable environment conditions.